What You Need To Prepare Before Moving To Sayulita!

As you look towards moving to Sayulita, the excitement of moving to such a sought after town has been known to overcome a person’s ability to amply prepare for such a move ???? There’s lots to consider and arrange before moving day. Many international buyers have a tendency to forget at least one thing or another, so we’ve compiled a list of items to ensure a smooth transition. Read along, and be one step closer to moving to Sayulita.


Experience Sayulita Before Moving.

Whether you choose to vacation or rent in your soon-to-be home, making a short-term trip to experience life in that area is crucial. Before buying it’s so important that you determine whether a home in Sayulita is right for you. After all, you’re buying into more than just real estate. As a newcomer, you want to ensure that the lifestyle and culture are desirable to you. Buying any sort of property is a big deal, so it’s important to know if this is a sustainable purchase in the long run – especially considering it’s in a foreign city.

Taking the time to experience Sayulita as a potential resident and not a tourist will allow you to discover what the area truly has to offer. This is a great opportunity to speak with locals about their lifestyle and what they enjoy about the surrounding area. Additionally, it provides you with the chance to get the lay of the land, find hangout spots, restaurants, and form future relationships.


Make a realistic budget.

Living in a new city can present a variety of changes in your budget. Determining how the differences in cost will affect how you spend your money is an important part of moving to Sayulita. It will help you figure out whether you can afford to live in that area long-term and make sure you avoid any financial scares. As a foreigner, you will want to discuss with your agent any hidden fees or charges applicable to those in your same position. It is also imperative that you have a strong command of how buying a property as a foreigner works in Mexico. Budgeting for life in Sayulita also means moving fees, travel cost, and any unexpected expenses you may need to pay during your transition.


Find School and Work When Moving to Sayulita.

If you are a parent or guardian of school-age children, enrolling them in a nearby school will be necessary. In addition, you will need to unenroll your student from their present school and work with educators to help with your child’s transition. If you are struggling to find a school appropriate for your child, speak with your real estate agent. Meanwhile, be sure to converse with your employer and notify them of your move. Whether you choose to work remotely or find a new job, this step still applies.


Moving your belongings to Sayulita.

Moving internationally can leave you with a large upfront cost. With different rules and regulations for each border, getting your things from one place to another can be expensive. If you choose to keep both furniture and personal items, be sure to account for the cost and ensure the security of your belongings. Do your research on each moving company and find the most reputable one before transporting your belongings. Many people moving from out of the country choose to leave big things like furniture behind. This is due to the large cost associated with moving such a large distance. Instead, use the money saved to buy new furniture when you arrive.


Take inventory of any memberships you hold.

Make sure you cancel any memberships before moving if you are apart of a club or facility in your current town. This way you avoid paying any fees for things you will no longer be able to participate in. Most places like this have a cancellation policy, so check in and ensure you give the required notice.


Learn the Local Language.

If you are not already fluent or able to speak conversational Spanish it is of benefit to you to learn. By learning the local language you will avoid isolating yourself in tourist-like communities. While you can definitely get by speaking just English, your experience will be a million times better if you are familiar with the local language. This way you can take in the culture from every aspect.


Licensing and Insurance.

If you’re moving from out of the country, getting a new driver’s license, health insurance, home insurance, etc, will be needed. A common misconception of moving internationally is that you only need travel insurance. However, this will only cover emergencies; not underlying or chronic conditions. Be sure to research and converse with your agent about what insurance and licensing you will need.

Moving to Sayulita is so exciting! We hope our list helped better prepare you in order to move to this incredible beach town. Contact us today to learn more about moving to Sayulita, or to find a property in the area. We look forward to helping you during such an exciting time! Be sure to check out our Instagam here for photos, updates, and more!

June 18, 2022

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