Eight Steps To Creating A Great Vacation Rental

What makes a great vacation rental? Always booked, always “top viewed,” and always featured in lists! Who doesn’t want that? Here are our tips to make your vacation rental stand out and be simply magnetic to your target renters.


What would I like?

View your space as if you were a guest. Always think, “What would I like if I stay here?”, “What specific experience would I like to feel and achieve in this place?” “Would I proudly take and share photos if I stayed in this place?” “Is this Instagram worthy?!”

Think of the times when you’ve stayed in vacation rentals yourself. What made you feel so comfortable? Then in cost-effective ways, let your guests feel that experience too.


Create a location page

Travelers always look at the proximity of your location to one or two particular places.

Create a map or location page in your website or listing that provides distance in miles and travel time from your space to all major attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, hospitals, airports and the coolest spots that locals love.


Establish a good guest management system

Make sure your booking system is simple. Create FAQs or PDF guides for them to view so that their queries can be answered.

If you can’t take care of it yourself, hire a reservation agent who’s always available to take on calls or emails from people.

At checkout, make sure you have tended to all their needs. Don’t forget to take a moment to ask the guests for their feedback and suggestions. Their reviews are crucial, positive or negative.


Think like a hospitality professional

Your guests should arrive in a rental with a clean and homey but professionally-done atmosphere. Be creative. Every piece of decor can be functional or characteristic of you as the homeowner. Impress them with a personalized welcome gift. Make recommendations about local spots that tourists may not know about. Add a local snack and a beverage.

Ensure the bed sheets and pillowcases are fresh and new and there are extra towels and toiletries!

More than ever, high speed internet is a must for travelers.

Genuine concern and thoughtful touches will set your listing apart from competitors.

An important part of professionalism: Guests should be able to contact you anytime. Include a house manual with your phone number and other emergency hotlines.


Offer the best home amenities for your vacation rental in Sayulita

Offer more basic utilities that will make you stand out.

Vanity appliances like hair dryers, curling iron, or a hair straightener. A washer and a dryer also come in handy in case they need to wash clothes.

An iron and clothes storage are also must-haves. Give them plenty of hangers so they can unpack and hang delicate items.

Extra thoughtful items like flashlights for emergencies and power strips for their gadgets.

Keep your vacation rental kitchen well-stocked with the basics like pots, plates, glasses, and silverware. It’s a great convenience on their end if you have kitchen appliances like a blender and microwave. Add staples like oil, vinegar, spices, salt and pepper.

And if you want to be extra, endearing to your guests, include some tea, coffee, local beer and a bottle of wine.


Provide indoor and outdoor activities

Provide some card and board games; it could be classic ones like UNO, chess or Snakes and Ladders. Parents love to provide options to childrens devices on vacation!

Equip your outdoor space with tables and chairs, an outdoor sofa or a hammock and some pool floaties if you have a pool.

Bikes are also a good option. It will help them get around the area and pick up things from the supermarket. If you have a hot tub, pool, or a grill, make it available for your guests, and establish safety rules.


Ensure safety and security

Safety and security are just as important as a clean rental place. An emergency book will make your guests feel ready in an emergency. You’d want your guests to sleep comfortably knowing that they are just as secure when they are at home.

Install surveillance cameras in key areas and digital locks for your guests to use. Provide smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. Make sure that your rental has adequate lighting and the surroundings are well-lit during the night.


Highlight your distinctiveness in your vacation rental in Sayulita

After many years, when a guest travels down the memory lane, what will they remember you for? Think how you want to make your mark and build on it.

Does your vacation rental in Sayulita boast good spots to hang out? Maybe a luscious garden or a good mountain view? Could be a nearby hike in nature or stellar beaches? Whatever it is, don’t forget to showcase it in the forefront of your listing!

Keep these things in mind and tip your guest’s experience over the edge by giving them quality service they will never forget, while increasing your vacation rental income.

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June 18, 2022

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