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It’s commonly understood among the surfing community that Sayulita is a great place to be. The waves are warm and the weather is immaculate. This charismatic, little beach town is great for beginners and pros alike. The waves are perfect for anyone looking to have a sweet day on the ocean. The mellow vibe this town gives off is unlike any other. Drawing in surfers from all over since the 1960s, Sayulita is home to some sick waves. There’s a swell for everyone along the coast of this epic and culture-packed town. If you’re looking to kiss city life goodbye and surf your time away, Sayulita is the place to do it. We’ve taken note of some of the best surf spots, times to ride, and are excited to introduce our new surfcam for all you ‘boarders! Keep reading as we dive into surfing in Sayulita.


The Best Spots for Surfing in Sayulita.

If you’re ready to make the move and start surfing in Sayulita, here’s a list of the top spots. Our locals have been surfing these waters for years and we’re here to share the best places to hit the waves.

First on the list is Sandbar – the beach Sayulita is most famous for. With its mellow waves and protection from the open ocean, it is a great spot for beginners to find their feet. This beach faces North which reduces the odds of getting any big swells. The popularity of this beach does come with a catch – it’s often packed. Seriously though, it’s a busy place to be. Regardless, Sandbar is awesome for newbies looking to take a crack at surfing.

Next up we have Sayulita Left – a sweet wave if you catch it on the right day … and season. During the summer when the swell is heavier, you can expect to have a great day on the water. Neighbouring Sayulita Right, this spot is great for beginners/intermediate-level surfers. The waves permit a quick and super fun ride, perfectly suited for all you goofy ‘boarders out there! When the conditions are prime, you’ll be able to enjoy a pretty long ride gazing at the coast of vibrant Sayulita.

Finally our list concludes with Sayulita Right – S Left’s more consistent neighbour. Breaking at the mouth of the river Nayarit, this spot is perfect for longboarders and beginners. With waves that scarcely ever climb overhead, it’s the perfect mellow condition to ride. For best waves, go during low to middle tide and be wary of its busyness.


When to go Surfing in Sayulita.

If you’re new to the surf scene or are unsure of the best time to hit up the renowned beaches this colourful town has to offer, don’t worry. We have all the info you need to succeed in your surfing passion. Take a look at the list below to find out everything you need to know about surf seasons in Sayulita.

Winter in Sayulita (November through to March) offers a series of chilled-out waves and calm ocean conditions. Wave height usually maxes out around head to chest height during these months. With the weather being consistently warm and sunny throughout this time of year, there’s no better season to enjoy a fun but mellow surf.

Summer in Sayulita (April to September) is a totally different story. It’s the peak season for surfers and tourists alike. Beginners be warned, as these months boast a much stronger and more powerful swell. With a heavy force coming from the South to South-West direction, conditions are great for experienced ‘boarders looking to shred some lofty waves. You can expect to see wave height getting into the double and triple overhead range during this time of year. The weather still dances along with the thirty-degree range, with the later months getting gradually more humid.


Surfing in Sayulita – Conditions on Demand!

Beachside Real Estate Group has just installed a Surf Cam, fully dedicated to getting your surf conditions on demand. This means you’ll be able to check the waves and decide your surfing plans without leaving the comfort of your home. From busyness to wave size, you can see it all with our surfcam. Save yourself an unwanted trip to the beach with this awesome addition to surf technology. Surfing in Sayulita has never been better!

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