Lisa and Kevin Clay

We felt fortunate to find Wayne and Penny on our journey to our new home in Puerto Vallarta. While we were familiar with the town, we didn’t understand which neighborhood would best fit our young family. After Wayne helped us narrow our focus to a couple of homes, we decided to make
an offer on a home, which was accepted. He brought in an excellent inspector who found some serious issues, and
though disappointed, we withdrew the offer.

Wayne found another we really liked, and our offer was accepted! We returned to the States and put our home
there on the market — it sold very quickly, which was, it turned out, a problem because the inspector found
structural issues on this house as well, and Wayne suggested that we walk away.

We were in a predicament. We had sold our home in the States and, at that point, had no home to move to in
Vallarta. However, it turned out that Wayne continued the search and found a place he felt was better than the
previous two and in a terrific neighborhood not far from the other two homes. He scheduled a Facetime walk-through with us, gave us his own opinion, and had the inspector in and out within days.

After days of uncertainty, we found our dream home in Puerto Vallarta in the most unlikely ways. Wayne’s
judgment and tenacity allowed us to find our lovely family home close to our school, church, and other young families.

We would have been lost without them. Both Wayne and Penny were instrumental in helping us change our lives for
the better!

Lisa and Kevin

June 6, 2022

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