Digital Nomads in Mexico

Digital Nomads in Mexico

Mexico is a haven for digital nomads around the world. This beautiful country offers a relaxed and peaceful environment for all visitors–whether it’s for vacation, or for remote working.

Living in Mexico means having access to astonishing beaches and lovely and quaint neighborhoods. Digital nomads take advantage of these along with a good internet connection, great transportation options, and inexpensive living costs.

There are also great opportunities whether you’re planning to purchase a new property investment, or thinking about creating irresistible short to medium term rentals. Give digital nomads in Mexico a great temporary home to stay that they can recommend to their peers.

Why digital nomads choose Mexico

One of the many reasons why digital nomads choose to stay in Mexico is the lower cost of living. The food, accommodation and transportation extend dollars and euros.

The cost of living varies from place to place, but you can find so many rental properties that don’t go over 600 USD per month – unless you prefer a beachfront house.

Digital nomads are also looking for inspiring new experiences, and the most accessible and most enjoyable of that? Food. You can try authentic Mexican food from breakfast to midnight snacks without breaking the bank.

And if you plan to travel around the country, camiones, or most commonly known as buses, are the most efficient and affordable form of long distance transportation. They can take you to the best places in Mexico while enjoying the picturesque scenery on your way.

Mexico’s visas

Mexico offers a special visa for visitors so they can stay in the country for six months without the need to leave.

This authorizes digital nomads to travel around Mexico while working. This visa is also given to entrepreneurs who love to travel abroad.

Inspiring co-working destinations

Mexico isn’t just a fascinating destination for exploring nature, but also the home of practical, motivating, and cozy co-working spots.

Favorite cities for remote work in Mexico

Mexico has almost everything–from beautiful beach towns to big cities. Many digital nomads move from city to city during the course of their stay in this country to experience different environments and scenic views while working remotely.

The beautiful weather in Mexico is what digital nomads love most. Because of this, rental properties in different cities, especially on the beachside, are always occupied, giving property owners a continuous flow of income.

Here are some of the most popular cities and towns for digital nomads in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a beach town and an all-in-one city with everything you need. This place doesn’t just give digital nomads a great vibe, but also allows them to experience so many different things at an affordable price. Many digital nomads spend the first few part of their stay to get to know more about the city before they explore other towns north in Nayarit.

There are so many homes and condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta which you can turn into a rental unit for digital nomads. Airbnb’s range from 700-800 USD per month and up. Most units are located in the downtown areas of Viejo Vallarta and Zona Romantica. This city is quite hilly, and digital nomads often choose to stay downtown so they can easily access shops and amenities.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest vacation locations in the world with an incomparable lifestyle you can’t afford in other countries. Also, Puerto Vallarta’s real estate market is continuously growing. This is a great opportunity if you’re planning to buy a new property, or thinking about creating short to medium term rentals.


Property owners in Nayarit take advantage of the short term rental opportunity by offering more affordable rental units than condominiums in bigger cities. And since the small towns are very popular with visitors year round, properties are less likely to be vacant. Tourists and digital nomads are actively looking for these vacation rental units driving rental revenue to continuously increase.


Sayulita is an upbeat surf town where you can enjoy so many bars, restaurants, shops and activities like surfing, hiking, water sports and nearby golfing. This is the primary reason why the real estate market in this city is booming.

There are many great opportunities for you to impress these people by creating a vacation rental unit that can make their stay memorable.

San Pancho

San Pancho is absolutely great for two kinds of digital nomads: those who want to party after work, and those who want a community. This is a small town with a large community of digital nomads, making it easier for remote workers to network and make friends.

Preparing your property for short to medium term leases

As a property owner, the last thing you want for your unit is to be vacant for a long time. Digital nomads are actively looking for a temporary place to stay, so you need to stand out among so many competing rental properties in your chosen area.

The preparation stage before making your listing and scheduling inspections is vital to keeping your property occupied at all times. Here are some tips you can do to catch digital nomads’ attention through your rental property.

Improve your curb appeal

First impressions last. Make your rental unit look great on the outside so that potential tenants would be eager to look in. Keep your exterior clean and well-maintained. Check aspects of your property’s exterior and replace or repair your fixtures. You want your property to look inviting and photos need to be professionally done.

Work on staycation “wow” amenities

Creating a “wow” effect is one of the most effective ways to encourage short term tenants. This doesn’t have to be interior design thrills. Digital nomads are tech savvy. Impress them with smart amenities that can help them get their jobs done more efficiently.

A strong WiFi connection should be your top priority. You can also add a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, or a Smart TV. The list of ideas is almost endless!

Arrange your interior furnishings and decor and make it look its best. Keep things simple but complete. You want your property to have everything your tenant needs.

Leverage short term rental platforms online

Popular rental platforms for short term leases like Airbnb and HomeAway are more effective than just relying on your property’s individual website. Grab this opportunity and impress digital nomads with your listing that highlights your property’s unique features.

These platform giants take over most of the search results in Google. Listing your short term rental property on these platforms will give you more chances of acquiring tenants quicker. And try to respond to inquiries as soon as possible.

Consider comparables around your area

Look at what other rentals are offering and try to top them. You can easily do this by visiting listings on rental listing sites.

What do other properties advertise? What are their unique selling points? Figuring these out can help you improve your unit and create an experience that sets you apart from your competitors.

As the home of digital nomads looking for temporary places to stay, Mexico offers you lots of options where you can establish your rental property investment and secure a steady flow of income. Your goal is to figure out how you can impress these remote workers and make them choose you among other rental properties in your area.

Invest in real estate properties and create irresistible short to medium-term leases for digital nomads now. Talk to one of our professionals to help you get started.

January 7, 2023

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