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Versalles: Cool, Growing Neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta


Versalles is a beautiful hillside neighborhood near Urbiquinta Montecarlo close to Urbi Villa del Rio. Along with Fluvial, Versalles is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta. Not only is it 10 minutes away from downtown Puerto Vallarta but it has recently become a top lister for visitors in the area.

Versalles is ideally located between the Francisco Medina, Francisco Villa, the international airport, and Marina Vallarta. 


Things to Do in Versalles, Jalisco

Versalles is mostly populated by locals, giving the neighborhood a traditionally cozy vibe. There are several local and international restaurants in the area, but that’s not what the Colonia is all about. You have all the modern amenities such as private hospitals, chain supermarkets like Walmart and Costco, and several bilingual schools. 


Real Estate in Versalles, Jalisco

Versalles is landing on the radar of tourists and expats alike, mostly thanks to its central location in the area. Offering a great range of traditional and modern facilities in the area, Versalles is quickly becoming a hot spot for real estate investment.