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Nuevo Vallarta: the Ultimate Travel Hotspot in Nayarit

With over 3 miles of pure golden beaches, Nuevo Vallarta is the gateway to the Nayarit region in Mexico. It is an ideal place to create that pacific paradise everyone is talking about. Nueva Vallarta is a city of hotels, beautiful resorts, and impressive sea views. The city’s most luxurious and world-ranking eateries are very close to residential areas. 

In addition to the comfort and activities inside hotels, such as spas, hydrotherapies, yoga, and scuba diving, Nuevo Vallarta is an ideal place for adventure. You can also opt for golfing, sailing, and walking. Like Punta Minta, Nuevo Vallarta also offers exquisite golf courses, most notably El Tigre. 

Nuevo Vallarta has turned its glorious beaches, golf course, streets full of beautiful trees, and outstanding real estate development into one of the most visited destinations in Mexico. With amazing nightlife and two of the most iconic marinas in Mexico—Nuevo Vallarta Marina and Paradise Village Marina. Nuevo Vallarta is indeed the ultimate hotspot for domestic and international travelers.