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Lo de Marcos: A True Mexican Paradise on Earth

Enjoy the essence of a real Mexican town with its wide, peaceful streets, beautiful blossoming trees, and brightly painted facades. Lo de Marcos is located 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, a preferred holiday beachside for Mexicans from the inland areas and tourists on holidays. It stretches from the river outflow in the north to wetlands in the south, where you can see lots of wonderful sea and coastline creatures such as turtles and even iguanas. 

Apart from the beach activities, you can go handicrafts shopping in the city or golfing. The tranquil and calm beaches bring a bigger variety of fishes to the area, and the local seafood in Lo de Marcos is a must-try for everyone visiting the area.

Unlike other towns and villages in the Nayarit area, there aren’t so many hotels in Lo De Marcos, but there are many options for bungalows and other beach rentals. This pleasant hideaway on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico offers a variety of housing options, including bungalows, villas, luxurious hotel rooms, and an a well-equipped RV park.