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Las Amapas Puerto Vallarta: A Romantic Zone Beach

Las Amapas is one of a series of beautiful beaches across the Viejo Vallarta shoreline or the Romantic Zone. This beach is interestingly located between rocky formations, which creates an exotic vibe. It is named after the Amapa trees, abundant in the region. 

The beach is relatively small with a lot of sights to see, so it is an ideal location for intimate and small family gatherings. It offers a more secluded and private environment compared to other beaches in the area, such as Conchas Chinas or Las Pilitas.

Weather in Amapas, Jalisco

The weather in Amapas beach is similar to the rest of Puerto Vallarta, especially in the Romantic Zone. It is often compared with that of Pacific Islands such as Hawaii. Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, is surrounded by jungle and receives significant rainfall during the summer. So expect a little drizzle on your walk along the beach.