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Conchas Chinas, Blue-Green Secluded Beach in Jalisco

Conchas Chinas, which translates to Chinese shells, is a beautiful beach located in the vicinity of Fraccionamiento Las Amapas. This beach is considered to be one of the most secluded and unique beaches in Puerto Vallarta. It is situated between the mountains and the ocean, and it is home to numerous natural pools created by rocks.

Things to Do in Conchas Chinas, Jalisco

A pristine beach like Conchas Chinas makes it an ideal location for scuba diving, snorkling and diving. The water is clear as Crystal in this area and you see fish and other marine life quite easily here. 

The beach is ideally located minutes from the city so most people prefer to walk there. As one of the most favorite beaches in the area, you can stay in fascinating hotel options on location or just walk back to the city. 

Real Estate in Conchas Chinas, Jalisco

The neighborhood is one of the most affluent in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks to its geography, Conchas Chinas is quite different from the rest of Puerto Vallarta. It is full of gated residences, condos and hotels.