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Puerto Vallarta Centro North: White Walls, Cobblestone Streets, and Nightlife

Puerto Vallarta Centro North neighborhood offers a calm but exciting vibe. Full of white walls and cobblestone streets, this neighborhood has great walking and shopping options and is free from the hustle and bustle of highways.

Also, Puerto Vallarta’s unique sculptures, promenades, and Malecon make this area ideal for both residents and visitors. Puerto Vallarta Centro North neighborhood is full of nightlife activities fueled by bars, cafes, and restaurants. 


Weather in Centro North, Jalisco

The weather across Puerto Vallarta is similar to most pacific beach towns in the Jalisco area, especially the Romantic Zone. It is often compared to that of those Pacific Islands such as Hawaii. Puerto Vallarta, just like Nuevo Vallarta, is surrounded by jungle and receives significant rainfall during the summer.

Real Estate in Centro North, Jalisco

Puerto Vallarta Centro North neighborhood offers excellent real estate opportunities, especially for the rental and commercial industry.