Beachside Real Estate


Here are 6 critical tips when buying your home!

We will help you understand the current market value of the home you are making an offer on. We will provide you with comparable Sold, Active and Expired listings in the area, so you can make an offer that reflects the market value.

Have all of your finances in order for your purchase and if you need a mortgage, you can be pre-approved to help make the buying process smoother.

A home inspection with a qualified engineer costs about $300.00 (approx). It could very well be your best money spent. Once you have an accepted offer, we recommend this be done in the due diligence period, prior to making the first deposit.

Initial ‘earnest money’ deposit will be placed in an escrow account once you remove any conditions in your offer to purchase.

On your mortgage, you will save the most money if you opt for an accelerated Bi-weekly payment plan, or if you double up one payment per year. This will shorten your amortization period!

Once you are ready to move forward with the purchase of your property, we will provide you with an estimate of closing costs. A deposit of the closing costs will be sent to your escrow account immediately, and the remainder will be sent prior to closing. Make sure you include these in your budget for the purchase of your new home.